General Contracting

A family owned construction firm for over thirty years Monteith’s roots come from Public and invited tenders. We have successfully prepared and procured lump sum bids for projects ranging from $50,000 to over $25 million. These contracts typically involve construction documents and drawings prepared by architects from which general contractors submit a fixed price and the lowest bidder is most often awarded the job.
At Monteith, we get it. Understanding the need for rigid coordination of job sites and strong partnerships with subcontractors are critical to delivering the quality projects on schedule and on budget. Our employees take pride in their relationships with subcontractors and other partners and work hard to foster positive cooperation and mutual respect on all our projects. Through the use of detailed schedules, methodical safety plans and effective cost control measures our project teams posses the ability to closely monitor and quickly identify issues that could impact the budget and project timeline.

Lump Sum Tender

The architect is hired directly by the owner for a fee and acts as the owner’s agent to design the building and issuing drawings and specification accordingly.

Once the architect has completed the design phase, the project documents are offered for general or invited lump sum tender bids to general contractors on a competitive basis.

The tenders are reviewed by the Owner and Architect for their compliance and completeness in meeting the specification requirements. A firm lump sum price contract is then awarded and entered into between the successful General Contractor and the Owner.  Once this is completed, construction can then begin.