Singular Accountability, to your benefit.


In Design-Build, a single firm is engaged to complete the full design and construction of the project. Monteith is contracted directly to front the team of architects, engineers, consultants and sub trades from design through to completion.  The use of our lean construction methods, just in time deliveries and off site preparations minimizes labour, waste interferences and surprises. This method provides the client a lump-sum price and rests the responsibility on the shoulders of Monteith.

Direct communication between the Owner and Monteith creates the key component of bridging your objectives and visions to materials and process that will deliver a successful project.

Through the design-build concept several phase of the project life cycle are combine, providing you certainty on the thee key components of any project; cost, quality and time.

Our in house management and design departments find solution and efficiencies to any project. This translates not only to cost saving in the short term and direct construction, but life cycle and ongoing building operational expenses.

Every construction company will differ in their approach to design build, you’re looking for a partner that:

  • Has the capability of controlling all aspects of the project process beyond physical construction.  Including; design-management, productivity through design iterations and orientated toward your vision.
  • Knows the right questions to ask and expectations demanded of each partner.
  • Demonstrates understanding of your goals and vision through all stages of the project.
  • Builds in partnership with you and for you, to achieve the desired end result.
  • Clearly translates your needs and objectives into the right materials and construction methods.
  • Understand the financial risk and how to properly manage them.
  • Has a depth of experience in construction methods and people who see the bigger picture and life cycle of a building.
  • Understands the needs of the owner and objectives, outside of the construction and down to the business that will depend on the finish facility.

The best way to describe design-build at Monteith is “cooperative”. We accomplish this by partnering with the consultants, sub trades, and engineers we trust. This approach and together, with our clients we develop the most effective solutions, within an affordable budget.