Construction Management

Experience, Knowledge and Open Communication

Construction Management is a broader concept which joins the Owner, Architect and Engineers, as well as the Construction Manager as the key advisor in a team approach to the construction process. The expertise of the Construction Management team at Monteith are utilized by involving us earlier in the project life cycle, working with your design team for key decision to improve the project. This creates opportunities to optimize the three main parameters on any project; cost, quality and schedule; providing you the facility you want, when you want it. The owner directly retains the Construction Manager (CM) in a similar fashion to an architect for a fee based on the services provided. The Construction manager is responsible exclusively to the owner and acts in the owner’s interest throughout every stage of the project.

Construction manger’s responsibilities can be customized to meets the specific needs for each project and client. These typically include:

  • Budget and schedule from preliminary drawings
  • Expert advice on construction scheduling
  • Potential saving
  • Advice for design specifications
  • Specialty trade coordination
  • Coordinate inspections
  • Project implementation and delivery

Construction Management General Contracting uses the advantage of the participation of the contractor’s expertise during the design process, while still meeting public bidding requirements. The contractor is selected early in the design process in much the same way as the architect, being based on qualifications and references as well as price being part of the criteria.

Coupled with the right partner a construction management or design-assisted contract provides you the benefits of:

  • cost certainty early in the construction process,
  • reduced build time and or schedule acceleration
  • lower risk in quality of materials and higher quality end result
  • an overall reduction in costs and changes during execution.

Monteith`s in-depth knowledge of the marketplace gives us a unique edge on cost projections, pre planning and thinking though every contingency on behalf of our clients at the onset of a Construction Management project.