What We Do

General Contracting

A family owned construction firm for over thirty years Monteith’s roots come from Public and invited tenders. We have successfully prepared and procured lump sum contracts for projects ranging from $50,000 to over $25 million. These contracts typically involve construction documents and drawings prepared by architects from which general contractors submit a fixed price and the lowest bidder is most often awarded the job.

Construction Management

The Construction Management concept joins the Owner, Architect and Engineers, as well as the Construction Manager as the key advisor in a team approach to the construction process. The owner directly retains the Construction Manager in a similar fashion to an architect for a fee based on the services provided. The Construction manager is responsible exclusively to the owner and acts in the owner’s interest through every stage of the project
The construction manger’s responsibilities can be customized to meets the specific needs for each project and client. Typically including;

  • Budget and schedule
  • Expert advice on construction execution
  • Potential saving
  •  Advice for design specifications
  •  Specialty trade coordination

Construction Management General Contracting uses the advantage of the participation of the contractor’s expertise during the design process, while still meeting public bidding requirements

Project Management

The owner or client can directly contract the services of a project manager or a project management firm such as Monteith. A statement of requirements is created at the onset of the project to define the work which will be undertaken through the project. Dependent on client preference, this can include the project manager overseeing the full scope of the project from conception to completion. Including engaging the services of architects, engineers and general contractors on the owners behalf.


In Design-Build a single firm is engaged to complete the design and construction of the project.  We act as a single point of contact and responsibility for the project quality, costs and schedule adherence. This method provides the client a lump-sum price and rests the responsibility on the shoulders of Monteith. Direct communication between the Owner and Monteith creates the key component of bridging your objectives and visions to materials and process that will deliver a successful project.


® LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), at Monteith we understand the importance of conserving the environment while creating the foundation for tomorrow to build on. Owners with LEED® certified buildings are making not only a decision that helps the environment, but one that also benefits them. Monteith is proud to be an industry leader in many aspects of green building practices, with an ongoing commitment to the use of “Green” products and systems; and promotion of environmentally responsible buildings.