Health & Safety

Our safety philosophy is simple …


Annual Safety Awards

At Monteith Building Group Ltd., our objective is to provide the safest work environment possible; to prevent accidents and protect all of our workers and site visitors from personal injury and illness. It is the shared responsibility of management and all workers to practice and promote safety as the first priority.

Through the development and implementation of the Monteith Health & Safety Program, we have established a system of site safety practices, processes and procedures, providing the framework for all employees to fulfil their individual and collective safety responsibilities.

To deliver on this commitment, our safety program starts with a safety culture that includes attitude, knowledge, implementation and accountability.

At Monteith Building Group Ltd. a safe jobsite is not just a goal,
it’s a requirement.

The effectiveness of our Health & Safety program is dependent upon the active participation and strong commitment by everyone in our organization, at every level of the construction process.

  • Our Site Supervisors demonstrate a strong safety attitude, leading by example and ensuring all workers have the right tools, equipment and training to perform their duties in the safest manner possible.
  • Compliance with the Monteith Health & Safety Program is a condition of employment for all of our workers.
  • We contract and uphold all of our sub-contractors to the same “work safe” attitude and safe work practices that are required from all Monteith employees.
  • Employees and sub-contractors are expected and encouraged to communicate their safety ideas and concerns.

A Site Safety Plan is only the beginning…

The Monteith Health & Safety program encompasses procedures and methods for implementation and execution; monitoring and control; evaluation and correction; and assessment and recognition; including:

  • Pre-construction safety startup meetings attended by the Manager of Health & Safety, Project Manager and Site Supervisor
  • Mandatory site orientation, training and weekly safety talks allow all site workers the knowledge and opportunity to identify potential hazards
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly site safety inspections, task specific training and on-going site cleanup
  • Mid-project safety meetings and safety program compliance audits
  • Worker’s H & S Representative rewards/incentives and annual Safety Award presentation

Through consistent education, management, and review, Monteith Building Group Ltd. will strive to continuously improve our health and safety program, in our determination to attain our ultimate goal of an injury and accident free work environment.

Our employees deserve nothing less.

Monteith Building Group Ltd. is a COR (Certificate of Recognition) registered company.