About Us

The Monteith culture of integrity is now more important than ever. The introduction of electronic communication may be important at many levels; however, it is not a replacement for building team strength and unity. We strive every day to maximize the opportunity for verbal and face to face communications whenever possible. What sets us apart and ahead of the crowd is our commitment to our work.

Here, construction isn’t just about crunching numbers and pushing deadlines. It is about creating and keeping the trust of both those you work with and those you work for. We hold ourselves to the highest standard, which is reflected in our reliable work ethic and dedication to the job.

When working in small and mid-sized communities we find our preference for hiring local residents along with local trades when possible to be appreciated and welcomed. Understanding the unique challenges of the area can translate into a project that maintains the schedule while constructing critical building components though harsh winter conditions. For an understanding of our geographical reach and willingness to travel, please visit the “Northern” section within our Projects.

Our offices are staffed to provide project procurement and delivery for design build, construction management and lump sum projects.