For over 50 years, Monteith Building Group has been offering exceptional value for clients while constructing a wide range of different facilities for a diverse group of owners.  As the institutional construction market moves towards new project delivery methods, shorter schedules, higher levels of safety and quality of workmanship, we have been listening and adjusting our services to suit. We understand that today Owners and Architects have many choices when looking for a construction partner. Making a final selection can involve numerous factors that extend beyond best price. And in many cases, one of the biggest considerations is the people you choose to work with.

At Monteith, we value face to face communications and have many entrenched values that were the foundation of working relationships of our industry before the introduction of the fax machine. We are excellent listeners, we carefully pre-plan all operations and we are cautious to ensure our sub-contractors have sufficient strength to meet project deadlines. We continually spend significant resources, both at the front end of a project as well throughout construction to provide an early warning system for potential problems.

If you feel your next project is in need of a new approach that should start with relationship building, we thank you for extending us the opportunity to introduce our team and services.